From the Ronde van Drenthe in the province where I grew up to the GP Plouay in beautiful Brittany, it was a life-changing experience. I did English voice-overs, interviews with riders and even hours of live commentary in a language that is not my own. It worked out great, thanks mainly to the incredible support of Rochelle Gilmore, the Vsquared production team and the UCI women’s cycling coordinator Andrea.

In April Sweetspot’s Guy Elliott called me, out of the blue again, and asked me to become a co-host for the inaugural UK Women’s Tour on ITV. “Are you sure, I have never done any on-camera work?” Yes we are, you need to do this. And it was an amazing experience to be in the UK seeing first hand how exciting women’s racing is and how big the crowds were there! And not for women’s cycling as a support act to the men. No, women’s cycling as it is.

Along the way I have see exciting races with Ellen van Dijk’s super solo in Flanders to Linda Villumsen almost making it to the top of the Mur de Huy. From the machine that Specialized-lululemon become on a time trial bike to my fellow Dutchies Chantal Blaak and Lucinda Brand’s thrilling victories in Vårgårda and Plouay. I got to know riders, their qualities, their skills, their humor and their intelligence and got a huge amount of respect for each and everyone of them.

Women’s cycling got me hooked this year and I hope for more next year.  I hope to show more and more people who these athletes are, to tell their stories and show their achievements on livestreams on the UCI Youtube Channel, on ITV and on Eurosport.

5 Responses to “Hooked”

  1. You’ve come a very long way in a year and you’re doing a great job in boosting interest in women’s cycling! Well done

  2. It was so lovely to see a completely new, knowledgeable commentator on the UK Women’s Tour and you seemed to work so well with Ned Boulting; really hope we can see it all again next year, and that things in women’s cycling take off still further.

  3. You already know I think you’re doing a great job because I’ve told you so, but there’s no harm in saying it again. Keep up the good work – these are exciting times in women’s cycling!


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