Ciao 2016

At the end of another year it is always good to look back. Professionally it was a good year with fantastic races to cover for Eurosport with my friend Bobbie, following and enjoying the women’s cycling for the UCI and visiting the cyclocross world cups for the UCI. I volunteered as a press officer for Veranda’s Willems for six months to help them professionalize and take a step up towards the pro continental level. It has been a learning experience I enjoyed.

On a personal level it has been a tough year with very few ups but some very deep downs. The death of Antoine Demoitié and my job as a press officer for his team has been the toughest week of the year. Nevertheless I am proud of what I did that week for Antoine and his family. I learned that I am strong and focused when the going gets tough, when it matters.

We also said goodbye to Daan and too many young and promising riders like Ellen, Gijs, Etienne and Romain. I do hope we get to see Stig’s smile again because it was radiant and will never leave me. I would like to wish the families of these young people all the strenght they need. Their names will not be forgotten.

In 2017 I will focus on Eurosport, keeping you all up-to-date with cycling news on my twitterfeed and hopefully some new and exciting assignments to enjoy the world 0f cycling. Despite it being a difficult environment to work in, it is still the sport I love most and I call myself blessed to be calling it work.

IMG_2223I will try to ride 5,000 kilometers, try out disc brakes to learn more, get a new bike and enjoy what I get to do.

Sometimes it takes others to make you realize the kind of blessings you have in your life. In 2017 I want to see and enjoy those blessings the moment they happen because life is fragile. It sucks big time sometimes but most of all life is good when you are healthy, have a fantastic and supportive husband, a great job and the freedom to ride your bike.

Have a happy 2017, everyone!

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